Nashville Area Career Fairs Consortium

Our Mission

The Nashville Area Career Fairs Consortium is a cooperative effort of colleges, universities, employers, and the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce that seeks to enhance the recruiting process for students, alumni, employers, and graduate schools by jointly promoting opportunities for employment and career development.

Who can belong to the consortium?

Institutions that grant Bachelor’s degrees and above; are within a 100-mile radius of Nashville; accredited by a regionally recognized accrediting association (i.e., SACS); are non-proprietary (not-for-profit); have an established career services office with professional staff involved in career services functions and designated to serve on the Consortium.

Each institution requesting membership must submit a request and be approved by August in order to participate in the following Career Fairs.  Each institution requesting membership shall be reviewed on an individual basis with consideration given to the established eligibility criteria and the capacity of available facilities for the Consortium fairs.